VFL Wolfsburg – Red Devils

Koen, who is part of the VFL Wolfsburg squad as well as the Red Devils, has been relying on the service and quality of REAL since his youth at KRC Genk. A collaboration who stands for more than 15years, and counting.


  • KRC Genk
  • TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (DE)
  • VFL Wolfsburg (DE)
  • Part of the Belgian National team – Red Devils

Koen is an absolute fan of the classic ‘ Flat Cut ‘, that’s why he plays with a SMU of the REAL 360 Classico Pro.

It's been a blast using these gloves

REAL 360 Classico Pro

The REAL 360 Classico Pro is a top-class goalkeeper glove providing incredible grip and a high ball feel for optimal performance.

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